Krystie Yen

Founder & Executive Director
Taiwanese & Thai American (she/her)

Krystie is a firecracker on a mission to cultivate creative confidence in the next generation of BIPOC dreamers and doers. As a curious multi-hyphenate, she also works as a creativity coach and a brand + community consultant. When she’s not channeling her energy towards issues that move her, you can find her scheming in one of her many journals, basking in the sun with her rescue pup, or dancing under the moonlight with friends.

Emily Yen

Chief of Staff
Chinese American (she/her)

Emily is all the fire signs and it shows in her passion for getting things done and in her myriad of interests. At Slant’d, she hopes to help the team continue marching towards realizing their vision of elevating AAPI voices. A business person by trade, but an artist at heart, in her spare time Emily likes crafting with her children, cooking, podcasting, playing any type of racquet sport, and watching TV (hit her up for recommendations).

Christina Losurdo

Director of People & Culture
Vietnamese American (she/her)

Christina (xt) thrives on creating comforting spaces—whether it’s bringing people together for meaningful moments or building cultures that allow individuals to thrive. She hopes this work will allow her daughter and future hapas to celebrate their Asian American identity. When she’s not making magic with Slant’d, she’s likely enjoying a long run, an almond milk cappuccino by the window, or creating memories with her little family.

Jenn Lam

Director of Programs
Chinese American (she/her)

Jenn is a heart-led community builder that finds deep joy in the messy unknown. Here at Slant’d, she works to craft an abundant haven for Asian Americans to freely play, connect, and celebrate their personal stories. Based in Brooklyn (+ hailing from Philly!), Jenn is a glass artist, jewelry maker, and marketing and partnerships manager. Offline, she’s passionate about secondhand fashion, solo dance parties, her cats Galloway and Ibu.

Dani Chin

Director of Brand & Marketing
Chinese American (she/her)

Dani is a dreamer and a do-er in a constant state of becoming. Finding joy in the wabi-sabi moments of life, she’s based in New York City and on a mission to advocate for AAPIs every moment she can. Dani is in flow when she’s taking big picture ideas and bringing them to life—and her role at Slant’d is no different. When she’s not amplifying Slant’d, she’s mentally resetting at yoga or on the rock wall, chasing squirrels with her pup Pepper in Central Park, or feasting at her favorite hole-in-the-wall spot.

Cece Chu

Director of Development
Taiwanese-Chinese American (she/her)

Cece is a proud Bay Area native and on top of repping Oaktown just a little bit too hard, she is the most extroverted Scorp you’ll meet. A triple water sign with enough tears to fill the Pacific, she turned to art and expression for all of her feelings. When she’s not at Kith adding to her hypebeast wardrobe, snowboarding or out driving boys on the golf course, she’s forgetting to ask for permission to bring her dog Wally everywhere she goes. You’ll find them vibing on the dance floor to hip hop and r&b.

Tiff Soga

Acquisitions Editor
Taiwanese-Vietnamese-Japanese-American (she/her)

A former-academic-turned-editor, Tiff’s on a life-long mission to uplift her communities by carving out spaces for and shedding light on their stories one draft and/or Google Doc at a time. She loves consuming all types of content, especially anything within the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Strange Fiction spaces. When she’s not strapped to her computer for her 9-5 gig, Tiff can often be found staring off into space, world-building fictional landscapes in her overly-imaginative head while putzing about (read: bumping into everything around) the house.

Kimmy Tejasindhu

Managing Editor
Thai-American (she/her)

Kimmy loves dedicating her energy to collaborative creative efforts—especially when they involve print media and an important cause! At Slant’d, she aims to support editors to be confident and compassionate when ushering stories onto the page. When she’s not juggling multiple jobs, Kimmy is feeding her screen addiction, working on a craft project for someone’s birthday, reading a book she won’t finish, or enjoying a (relatively) nice drink with her nearest and dearest. 

Michelle Roque-Nacionales

Art Director
Filipino-American (she/her)

Michelle may love design, but she also hopes that her design can contribute to good in the world. One of her passions is lending her talents to AAPI causes. Slant’d is where she hopes to provide mentorship to a team that inspires creativity by marrying art + word. Michelle is truly a city girl hailing from the Bay Area to NYC, but now residing in Los Angeles. You can often find her hanging out at a maker market, eating KBBQ, doling out life hacks to her friends, or snacking at home watching the indie horror movies with her husband and (also snack-loving) dog.


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