The Slant'd Squad

Krystie Yen

she/her, Taiwanese & Thai American

Krystie is a firecracker and optimistic changemaker on a mission to help Asian Americans feel seen, heard, and loved. When she’s not channeling her energy towards issues that move her, you can find her scheming in one of her many journals, perusing local bookstores, or dancing under the moonlight with friends.

Christina Losurdo

Director of Community
she/her, Vietnamese American

Christina (xt) is our gatherings enthusiast who thrives on bringing people together for meaningful moments. When she's not making magic with the Slant'd Squad, you can find her running in Central Park, baking something cozy in her small apartment kitchen, or sharing a vanilla sprinkle cone with her dog-ter, Mae.

Jenn Lam

Director of Social Storytelling
she/her, Chinese American

Jenn is our digital flower child that finds deep joy in the messy unknown. The mastermind behind the ‘gram and our feeds, she works to craft an authentic, playful portal to the Asian American experience. Offline, she’s passionate about vintage sleepwear, mission-driven volunteering, solo dance parties, her cat Calliope, and a burning cup of earl grey milk tea.

Vidya Thanabal

Director of Agency Strategy & Operations
she/her, South Indian American

Vidya is the operations lead for Slant’d Impact Studio, our agency arm, empowering culture builders and creators to build cultural empathy within their own companies. When she’s not hustling or side hustling, you’ll find her binging British cozy mysteries with chocolate in hand.

Yoko Kristiansen

Art Director

Yoko is a designer by day and Slant'd's brand police by night. Other than design, she loves her cat, jazz, canned coffee, collecting kitchen tools that have one job, carbonara, Ghibli movies, and Google Calendar.

Michelle Yun-jeong


Michelle works in animation and design. In her free time, she loves to paint and make postcards for her friends.

Anton Gallegos

he/him, Filipino Mexican American

Anton is a daydreamer, community organizer, and sociologist fueled by passion and a deep commitment to community. Both blessed and cursed with a mind that never stops thinking, Anton can be found at open-mics, critically deep into ethnic Asian American literature, watching films, or working to cultivate a diverse and empowering AAPI community through social media.

Maxine Bell

she/her, Mixed-race Japanese American

Maxine enjoys interacting with AAPI creatives and coming up with content for Slant’d’s social media platforms. She also loves to make art, cook, talk to friends, love, and sleep.


San Francisco/Bay Area Krystal Mak, Austin Wu, Priscilla Pan, Sarah Tran
Denver Ida Cao, Sarah Kim
New York Amy Wang, Xiaoye Jiang, Ankita Acharya, April Huang
Los Angeles Leslie Yick, Isabell Liu
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Founding Team

Katerina Jeng & Krystie Yen (Co-Founders), Amber Luan, Lina Yeh, Tessa Samberg, Vanessa Shyu, and Yoko Kristiansen
Special Thanks
PR Consultant Dorothy He
Brand Designer Stacey Uy
UX Designer Joanna Choi

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