Slant'd Amplifiers Program

Our Mission: To cultivate the community that Asian Americans want, need, and deserve.

Are you passionate about making change in the AAPI community?
Are you someone who lives for the magic of gatherings?
Are you ready to roll up your sleeves to help us build the future of Asian America?

If you answered HELL YES to any of the above, then we encourage you to apply for our Amplifier Program!

Slant'd Amplifiers are dynamic AAPIs who are committed to hosting community gatherings on behalf of Slant’d. This is a unique opportunity to connect with and give back to your local community, make new friends, and develop badass leadership skills.

You might be a good fit if you...

  • Live in New York, Denver, Los Angeles, or San Francisco/Bay Area
  • Believe in and align with the Slant’d mission
  • Give a damn about issues that affect the AAPI community
  • Have a robust network within the AAPI community, or can demonstrate the ability to develop trust-based connections
  • Have event planning/management experience and skills, or can proactively do outreach and build partnerships with local businesses, creatives, & venues
  • Demonstrate strong leadership, time, and project management skills
  • Can rally a group of people around a shared purpose

Amplifier perks

  • Slant'd merch & magazines
  • Quarterly gratitude gifts
  • VIP access to Slant’d gatherings
  • Spotlights on Slant’d social media and our monthly newsletter
  • New friends (including the Slant'd Core Team!)
  • Transferrable leadership skills
  • Exposure to a vibrant network of AAPI brands, organizations, and businesses

What it takes to be an Amplifier

As a volunteer-based organization, we need folks who can have fun and get shit done!

Each city will have at least three (3) Amplifiers and be supported by our Director of Community. Although each city will be responsible for hosting its own events, events are open to everyone, regardless of location.

As a city, you will be expected to:

  • Host two (2) events and our annual magazine launch party (total of three (3) events per year);
  • Manage event marketing and ticketing for your city's events;
  • Participate in virtual check-ins with the Director of Community (+ additional prep meetings as needed)
  • Plan our annual (internal) Slant’d Birthday celebration!
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Program Details

When does the Amplifier program begin?

All Amplifiers will be onboarded in mid-December and early January for the upcoming year.

How long is the commitment for being an Amplifier?

We ask for a minimum of one (1) calendar year (January-December). In December, we’ll do a holistic review of your experience. Depending on the outcome of that review and your interest, you’ll have the option to continue being an Amplifier for the next year!

How many Amplifiers are there for each city?

Each city will have a minimum of 3 Amplifiers (max. 4). Together, you'll concept, promote, and produce gatherings for your city and be supported by our Director of Community (part of the Slant’d Core Team).

How many Amplifiers positions are open for 2021?

We have the following positions open for each city

  • Denver: 3
  • New York: 2
  • Los Angeles: 3

Who will I work with?

In addition to your local team, you'll also be plugged into a national community of Amplifiers whom you can brainstorm with, exchange tips/tricks with, or just hang out with whenever you’re visiting one of the 4 cities (when the pandemic is over)!

What types of gatherings are we expected to host?

That’s up to you! Amplifiers get complete creative ownership over our gatherings. We’re looking to YOU, the local expert, to dream up meaningful ways to satisfy your city’s cravings for community—whether that’s a musubi-making party, an astrology workshop, a story slam, an accupressure class, or a variety show… the sky’s the limit. The only mandatory gathering is our annual magazine launch party, which will take place every October to celebrate our latest issue. You also get to plan the Slant'd birthday party for the entire squad in June!

What about gatherings during COVID-19?

Gatherings will remain virtual (via Zoom) for Q1-Q3 2021 and we will address Q4 depending on the current state of the pandemic and public health guidelines.

Although each city will be responsible for hosting its own events, everyone is welcomed, regardless of location.

How much time is required to be an Amplifier?

This experience will be what you make of it. Each city is expected to host 2 gatherings and the launch party (that’s 3 gatherings total per year), so it’s up to you to decide how much time it will take to pull that off for your team of Amplifiers. There will also be opportunities to work on special gatherings if you have the bandwidth and interest.

Will I get paid as an Amplifier?

Yes—but in hugs, swag, friendship, and gratitude! We’re looking for folks who are motivated by passion and a genuine desire to uplift the AAPI community. If you’re in this for the money, then this may not be a good fit for you.

Are there any costs/fees associated with being an Amplifier?

Nope! The Director of Community will provide an annual budget that each city can pull from to compensate our creative collaborators. All proceeds raised will go back to Slant'd to pay for future programming and initiatives.

What resources/support does the Slant’d Core Team provide?

Each city will receive a large batch of files (e.g., brand assets, templates, sample marketing materials, volunteer guides) and an online handbook to help get things off the ground.

All Amplifiers will be invited to a Slant'd Slack group to connect with the Core Team and will also have a dedicated Amplifiers channel. Our Director of Community will be a go-to resource throughout the year.

What happens if I become an Amplifier and want to pass the torch to someone else?

We have an exit process, but we ask that you give us a 4 month notice. If you have someone in mind to take your place, you can nominate them (your endorsement allows them to go through an expedited application process). Otherwise, we’ll open up applications to the community.


Who’s eligible to be an Amplifier?

We're looking to bring on a diverse group of AAPI-identifying Amplifiers—across gender, race, ethnicity, perspectives, and skill sets—who are passionate about uplifting the AAPI community and have experience with event planning.

What if I don’t live in one of the four cities (LA, NY, SF/Bay Area, Denver)?

These are our focus areas for 2021. We’d love to expand beyond those in the future, so if your community wants and needs Slant’d, email us and we’ll add it to the list!

Are creatives the only ones allowed to apply?

Everyone is creative in their own way. We encourage anyone with a passion for bringing people together to apply.

The application process

What do you ask for in the application?

It’s 2 parts: 1) a written portion that asks about your interest in Slant’d and relevant experience; and 2) a short 5-min. video of you sharing an idea for a (virtual) Slant’d gathering.

What are some qualities you look for in an Amplifier?  

Thoughtfulness, passion, creativity, enthusiasm, curiosity, co-creative spirit, an independent but collaborative work ethic, and a get-shit-done attitude.

Why do you ask for a video?

We believe that a video is the easiest (and most fun) way to get a quick snapshot of your personality & creativity. Don’t take yourself (or the video) too seriously. Have fun with it!

When are applications due?

2021 Amplifier applications are due by December 4, 2020 with the following next steps:

  • Dec 5-7, 2020: Applicants notified for interviews
  • Dec 8-13, 2020: Interviews (via Zoom)
  • Dec 15, 2020: Notify selected Amplifiers!
  • Dec 22, 2020: Confirm new Amplifiers for 2021 + provide onboarding materials to review
  • Jan 2020: Welcome & Onboarding