Slant’d is a collective of Asian Americans celebrating the journey of self discovery.

Our Mission: To cultivate the community that Asian Americans want, need, and deserve.

Built from the ground up by and for Asian Americans, Slant’d is grounded in diversity, fueled by human connection, and ignited by boundless creativity.

Our strength is in the stories we amplify: deeply vulnerable stories that spark introspection and expand our perspectives about race, identity, and the Asian American experience.

Our home is in the spaces we hold for each other: the warm, welcoming gatherings that create a sense of belonging and allow us to be seen, heard, and loved—just as we are.

Creativity is our activism:

Together, we explore, play, and savor the everyday moments of self discovery.

Together, we advance our cultural narrative by co-creating the stories of our future.

Together, we educate, inspire, and cultivate a radically inclusive community.

Together, we nurture cultural empathy and pride between Asian Americans and allies.

Together, we are redefining what it means to be American.

It takes a village

The Slant’d Squad is unlike any other. Our identity journeys are uniquely our own, yet we share a common bond: an insatiable curiosity and a fiery commitment to redefine what it means to be American.